RAMI KADI Un Souffle d’Orient Collection

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the rawness up close ➝ krikor jabotian s/s 2014



Disneybounded as R2D2 for May the 4th! Dress courtesy of Urban Outfitters, galaxy leggings from Forever 21.

I didn’t have as much blue as intended, as I kinda only have a bit of my wardrobe here in England.

May the Fourth be with you!

the best time to eat gelato is all the time. literally every day.

This lovely sun hat is a pre-birthday present courtesy of my friends who were as concerned about the sun burning my head as i was. 

The dress is Hell Bunny, which you can buy many places but I happened upon it at a random Hot Topic sale.. yeah, anyway, it’s my favorite dress.

Couldn’t decide how to stack my own photos so here’s one of two:

Ciao from Venice! Nautical is really the only way to go. Sadly, with the wind chill the way it was, tights were necessary. But hey, I’ve never had an issue with black in blue in appropriate quantities. 

Oh and pardon my trendy black nikes (i was traveling for a month and didn’t want to break my feet)




Coco in Nakimuli’s MAMBO SKIRT CURVY- YAYA


i fucking love that outfit

get it gurrrrrl